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Did you apply for higher studies in the field of Fine Arts or other related studies? Where you selected to an admission week or called to an interview, but got left without a study position? In that case Nordic Art School offers a fast lane application for you. Contact us before the 15.8.2018 for more detailed information:



To be accepted as an applicant you must be an adult or turn 18 the same year as the studies start. Every student is chosen based on their work samples. No specific earlier experience in the art field is needed. Fill out the application form and add your work samples as attachments following the instructions below. Send your application by email to:





  • Personal data and contact information
  • Photo of yourself
  • A personal letter where you tell us about yourself. You can tell why you are applying to the Nordic Art School, what expectations you have regarding the art studies, what type of artistic expression or techniques you are interested in and what inspires you. Max 2000 characters.



  • You apply with 5-10 work samples in optional techniques.
  • Work samples should be made by you using any technique of your choice. For example: drawings, paintings, installations, sculptures, photos, videos, graphic prints etc.
  • Work samples should be sent in digitally, as digital photographs (see approved file formats below) or in the form of video/audio clips. Keep in mind that the image material should give the best possible impression of your work.
  • Following file formats can be used: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF. The images must be no larger than 3MB. Video or audio clips can be linked, for example, by SoundCloud, Vimeo or YouTube. Video and audio clips should be a maximum of 5 minutes long each.
  • Your digital work samples files should be named in the following way: yourfirstname01.jpeg, yourfirstname02.jpeg (or other file format), etc. Please make sure that the number provided on the filename matches the number on the Table of Content-sheet provided in the Application Form.

The student selection is made by the school’s professional artists.



One school year consists of two semesters, fall and spring. The tuition fee is 790€ per semester. More information will follow once you have been selected. Information about the usage of the tuition fee can be found in the STUDIES section.



Autumn semester: 29th of August 2018 – 21st of December 2018

Spring semester: 7th of January 2019 – 19th of May 2019